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    How-to add captions to Facebook videos THE EASY WAY

      In 2016, Digiday reported that 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. Insert captions!   You’ve watched plenty of videos with captions. Some of them you can choose to put on, some of them are a part of the video file itself, and some of them automatically appear like when you are scrolling your news feed on Facebook. This video will show you how to put the ones onto your facebook videos in the EASIEST MANNER. (Because as mentioned, there ARE other ways but they are more difficult and take longer). Hope this helps!

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    How to add an Automatic and Consistent Description to your Youtube Videos

    For so long, I’ve manually typed in my description for each video, and while, as you can see now, I’m typing in something unique, I would have to re-think and re-research and re-type certain things for the video. Like my website and email etc etc. It was time consuming and not efficient. What IS efficient, is to have an automatic and consistent description that gets all the important information to you, but also makes me look that much more professional and put together. 😉 Now you can appear that way too.   Stay inspired, muh peeps!   Katie

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    Aha! How I Converted Micro Cassettes to Digital with Equipment I Already Had

    I’ve been on a crusade to turn my mementos digital, thus solving the problem of having way too much clutter due to nostalgic items. Along the way, I found 5 micro cassette tapes from 2005 – mostly recording my little sister Molly (she’s 13 now – see below) as a baby. I knew I had them, but kind of ignored them as there didn’t seem to be an easy solution to digitizing them. Until today! Scanning in some old documents (old notes from my original video tape recordings -yes, I’ve always been thorough it seems) I found the tapes and decided today was the day! I searched on the internet,…

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    When you want to change your Facebook Business Page’s URL, do this.

    Happy #TutorialTuesday everyone! If you have a Business Fan page on Facebook, (I’m glaring at you because you better!) have you messed with your custom URL? Basically your URL or Username is what comes after the www.Facebook.com/ part to let the computer know which page we’re looking at. Especially if you’re going to put your link somewhere for people to see it and type it in it’s important to have a custom URL to make it easy and pretty. No one wants to see or type in Facebook.com/wszYlk3jyp2. Just watch this video and change your link to whatever you’d like! (as long as it’s available of course. 😉 )

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    How to do a simple Vignette in Photoshop

    Happy Tutorial Tuesday everyone! If you wanted an easy way to get an adjustable vignette in Photoshop, here you go! Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a graphic designer or working on your marketing (or anything else, really), knowing how to make a vignette in Photoshop is a good skill to have. If I am going too quickly, pause the video – I do have written steps; if you are already familiar with Photoshop, ignore all my side comments and just listen/watch. Happy Editing everyone!