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    NEWSFLASH! Your video doesn’t need to go viral to work

    We refrain from posting our videos because we wonder, “Who would watch this?” “No one will share this.” “What if my video only gets 10 views?” All valid concerns… if misguided. You’re right! You probably will not get shares on every video, especially if you’re doing it yourself. AND, yes, some of those videos will have minimum views, BUT that’s okay. Because you know what? You don’t need THE WORLD to watch your video and you don’t need EVERY VIDEO to reach the world. Sometimes, all it takes is one. This video (above) had around 12 views (it still has less 200) when the RIGHT couple saw it.  (below) In this…

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    The Number One thing you can do in Video Marketing

    This is a quick blurb. It won’t take me very long to share this best bit of Video Marketing wisdom. It also happens to be the same wisdom that exists for all adventures and activities in life that are worth while. You ready? Start. Yup. That’s not me starting my blog, that’s me telling YOU to START. THAT’S the biggest and best thing you can do! What do they say, an ounce of action is woth a pound of ton of theory? (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Don’t know how to do it? Doesn’t matter, I know you can figure out, just START. Pick up your phone, turn it to selfie and…

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    Are you using Video Marketing? You’ll want to start after reading these 10 statistics.

    After looking at A LOT of video statistics… I believe these are the most compelling. If you are doing video marketing- good job! I’m sure you have found it to be awesome and could give sway to some of these numbers. If you’re not, read through this list and I’ll see you on YouTube soon. 😉 1. Dr. James McQuivey, a Forrester researcher, estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. One. Point. Eight. Million. Why say in 1,000 words, or in 1 picture when you can say it in an equivalent of 1.8 million words with a video that captures you, your company and your…

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    How to do a simple Vignette in Photoshop

    Happy Tutorial Tuesday everyone! If you wanted an easy way to get an adjustable vignette in Photoshop, here you go! Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a graphic designer or working on your marketing (or anything else, really), knowing how to make a vignette in Photoshop is a good skill to have. If I am going too quickly, pause the video – I do have written steps; if you are already familiar with Photoshop, ignore all my side comments and just listen/watch. Happy Editing everyone!

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    To Win you have to Try

    If I had never logged some books on my library’s website, I would never have won a gift card. If I had never called the radio station, I would never have won a free trip to Florida. If I had not chatted with a talented artist at her shop, discovered she needed video work done, and had not presumptuously mentioned to her that I did that and would like to work with her, I would never have a dream client. To win, you HAVE to try. You HAVE to be in the game. Yes, you might lose and yes, at some point you WILL lose. And it may hurt. But…

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    I’ve been AWOL, I know!

    I’m sorry! I’m so very sorry! For any of you people who are crazy enough to like me (1), read my blog (2) and happened to miss it while I took a short leave of absence (3)  (which I understand is probably a small if existent percentage) I am sorry to you! No excuses. In my time away, things have been happening though! I’ve finished a Patreon video, and a Real Estate video. I partied with my bestie in Seattle for her Bachelorette party, started a personal project, played a small part in GISHWHES, hosted a Mastermind meeting, many Marketing meetings, went to a Josh Groban Concert, skyped with my…

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    The brief history of Katie and her Camera

    I bought my first camera in the fall of 2005. I was almost 13. It was a Kodak Easyshare with a lens that didn’t even extend past the body of the camera. I paid $100 for it, (and as a 12/13 year old, that’s quite a sum!)  I took 1000s of pictures with it and I was enamored. I was taking selfies before it was cool. Rawr. Gotta love the braces. This camera even had video capabilities! Of course, the video quality was low and there was no audio, but what an amazing thing for a 13 year old to have (at the time, now my 11 year old sister has an iPhone).…

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    Too much comfort, too many expectations, too little happiness

    I find that I am the most happy when my joys are small, and somewhat infrequent. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? In this age of abundance to excess, why skimp if we don’t have to? Let’s take advantage of the cornucopia of desire fillers, we think. But what start out as desire fillers become desire fuelers. Have you ever noticed that you buy an expensive toy (a car, new phone, new tv) etc, and while you are excited and giddy at first, the happiness flatlines? You’re on to the next purchase, next toy.  We become accustomed to our surroundings. We acclimate. We adapt. Science shows that our happiness returns to…

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    Upload a video to Facebook

    Have you seen how some videos play as you scroll past in Facebook, and some you have to click to play? That is the difference between videos uploaded to Facebook, and links shared from YouTube. In this video, if you are new to social media marketing/video marketing or would just like to learn without fumbling how to upload a video directly to Facebook, here ya go!