What do I need to get started with Video Marketing?




-A camera (your phone counts)

-Internet Access

That’s it. If you’re feeling gutsy, maybe you get a tripod. Or a selfie stick. But to actually START posting videos about your company or your business, and to start sharing your story, all you need is something that will record you, something to say, and some ability to get it out to the world and share it. Right now, it’s okay to have unpolished videos, to have questionable quality or to make mistakes. Honestly, it makes you more real and relatable. If all you’re doing is sharing information, press record, press share and you’re good.

If you have questions, I’m here and so is my dear friend Google.


10 Tips for taking videos of people at a Trade Show


Today I received a question for advice about making people feel comfortable taking video of them at a trade show. After having done quite a bit of that, here are my suggestions!

  1. The best way to ask is to do so confidently, clearly and with a smile. People are inclined to help, especially if you seem to know what you are doing.
  2. Also, ask them individually. If you ask in a general group, you’re more likely to get a collective “no”, even for those who might be open to it.
  3. You ARE going to run into people who are going to say no. To that you can ask,  “Are you sure?” or say “It would really help us.”  Sometimes that changes their minds, but not always, so those people, just let be.
  4. Since you asked individually though, if there are more people in the group, ask them!
  5. If someone is on the fence, (they are slow to respond, or seem to be weighing their options) you can reassure them by saying, “Don’t worry! I can always edit or delete it.” In this tech era, it’s so easy to cut out the bad parts or even delete and start over.
  6. BEFORE you have gotten a “yes” make sure all of your equipment is ready. Have the camera (and mic) turned on, have your batteries charged or changed and have the shot somewhat set up in your head. It helps with the follow through. Make it as easy as possible for them, and if they’re not awkwardly standing around waiting for you, the video will end up more natural.
  7.  If they’ve said “yes”, to make them feel more comfortable, have them to look AT or talk TO you. Looking directly at the camera can be intimidating. But if you are right behind it smiling encouragingly, asking questions, getting them engaged, they will do well.
  8. Give them a direction. Just turning the camera on them is a sure fire way to produce a “deer-in-headlights.” Have them say their name, company and give them a question to answer. “What do you do?” “What does your company do?” “What is your newest product?” etc. Then you can let them go where they will or direct the video with more questions.
  9. Get their information. After doing videos, however reluctantly, most companies and people are thrilled to have the publicity, and will watch or share the video. However, if they contact you that they have a problem with it (the employee was not actually allowed to do one), make sure you’re respectful and take it down.
  10. Lastly, be sure you thank them! It’s strange to be on camera, to see ourselves, hear ourselves and know others are watching as well. Those brave souls who gave an impromptu video for you deserve some kudos!

Good luck to you all! Hope this helps, and if you have any  more questions, I’m here with answers. 🙂


I made a video!

Crazy, right? A videographer made a video; what is this world coming to? Any who, it’s a tutorial, so if you have a Mac computer and want to know how to make a simple video with the built in program, you can do it!


How are we doing on our goals?

Hello folks!

January 12 is here and how are we doing on our goals?

I love “New Year’s Resolutions” time, much for the same reason I love “Valentine’s Day”. Not because I particularly get into either on the DAY (I love the message of both all year ’round) but for a short period of time, everyone loves them with me.

For example, people tend to look at me funny when I ask them about their resolutions at any other time (say, September), but when I talk to them right now, they love to tell me what their goals are.

Can you imagine what it would be like if it was common practice to have goals and talk about them? I’d bet  we’d be a lot more proactive, productive and have far  fewer regrets when our journey is over.

Perhaps it’s the shame of not reaching our goals after professing them that makes us shy away from making them in the first place. And my guess, is that people might be choosing unrealistic goals and then losing faith or beating themselves up if they don’t meet them. And worse, then reverting back to their old standard. To that I say, “Don’t be crazy!!!” Any progress you make should be celebrated! If you decided to stop overspending as your goal – said you’d spend no more than $100 on such-and-such and you spent $105. Well, that is NOT a fail if you usually spent $150! Just because you didn’t achieve EXACTLY what you wanted doesn’t mean the effort wasn’t worth it. Sometimes we have to lean in to changes.

I’ve been gradually getting healthier for 2 1/2 years. If I were to have decided to run 3x a week, only eat vegetables, go to the  gym some, walk more, take supplements AND drink more water all in one go in an effort to be “Healthy”,  guaranteed I’d still be 20 pounds plus overweight lamenting my fate. Instead, I’ve taken it slowly, making one healthy action a habit at a time and adding a new one when I felt ready, while changing that other one if it didn’t suit. For me it’s a lifestyle change. And if it’s something I’ll do the rest of my life, I want the kinks to be worked out and for it to be a solid system.

If you’re struggling right now, take it small. Celebrate the little victories (and NO, I do not mean celebrate them with cake, you sly dog). Maybe you don’t meet your professed goal, but so what? The more you are aware of something you want to change, the more you focus on it, the more it factors into your decisions,  the closer and closer you will get to what you want.

If you didn’t have resolutions before, you’re not too late! (Secret: you’re never too late to create goals and shape your life how you want). Go ahead! Pick something specific, choose some definite actions toward achieving it, figure out how you’ll know when you’ve reached it and go for it!


If you’re looking for a good book on the subject, I’d recommend “This Year I will…” by M.J. Ryan


Yes, I did see Stonehenge

This is a random note, but I was evaluating my website and trying to look at it as a potential customer would.

I got to thinking, “How would a customer interpret my header photo?” (that of Stonehenge). It is quite strange…

I took that photo (well, photos and had to merge it into a panorama). And no, I wasn’t a super lucky one who got a personal tour, I photoshopped everyone out.

I’ve always been a wanderlust. My aunt took me to Paris when I was 15, I originally was going to go to school in Switzerland, Instead I  went and saw HER (the aunt who took me to Paris) when SHE was in Switzerland, I’ve backpacked for 2 months across England, Scotland, Ireland etc…

IMG_7328 copy
On Mt. Evans in Colorado

I’ve been to about 20 of the United States with plans for 2 more before the year is done! And my goal in life is to, every year, go somewhere new. It’s amazing what is out there.

There’s so much to see and experience; you never know where you’ll end up or the stories you’ll gain when you roll with it.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been born in this era where I’ve been able to capture it all with  my camera. In fact, my camera has been my constant companion whenever I’ve went anywhere. It’s my one friend who has experienced as much in this life as I have.

And it’s my camera that I’ve decided to take on my next journey in life, that of a (budding) professional. And I’m excited to be on this new adventure!


What’s the point of all this? Well really, this has all been a roundabout way of saying “Ha ha! I saw Stonehenge!”





Yup that's me!

Welcome to the new site! This is my first encounter with a personal website so if you have any suggestions to improve the look or the experience, I’d be happy to hear them!

For starters, my name is Katie Curtis and I am a videographer, editor and creator of videos for video marketing (online and on social media). For finishers… nope. That’s it. That’s my elevator speech. 🙂

If you’re interested in growing your business and know that videos are the way to do it, shoot me an email and we can organize a consultation. 😀 Can’t wait to work with you!

<3 Toujours,


(This is the email, by the way. katiecurtisvideomarketing@gmail.com)