Video Marketing DIY

photo by Matthias Blonski on
photo by Matthias Blonski on

I’m beginning a series for newbies to get their feet wet in video marketing. Stay tuned, as the new blogs and tutorials roll out, those that are a part of this series will get added. Thanks so much for reading and I’m excited for you to begin your video marketing journey!

  1. What is Video Marketing?
  2. Why use video in your marketing strategy?
  3. What types of videos are there?
  4. How to set up your First Video
  5. What to talk about in your First Video
  6. How to edit your First Video
  7. How to upload your First Video
  8. Check your Stats
  9. Getting fancy: Intro/Outro
  10. Getting fancy: More edits
  11. Getting fancy: Equipment
  12. Getting fancy: Hiring Me
  13. Tips for a good video