Who am I?

Yup that's me!

My name is Katie, I’m a videographer who makes short films, vlogs and projects for small businesses.

Short, sweet and to the point, eh?




Fun facts:

  • I love to travel and have been to at least 15 countries and am at around 1/2 the States.
  • I especially love Paris, where I have gone 3 times.
  • I’m a nerd and proud of it.
  • My bucket list has 133 items (and counting), 55 of which I’ve completed. It includes items like: “Make a million dollars with an idea”, “Write a book”, “See cherry blossoms”, “Go to New York City”, “Save someone’s life” “Ride a limo” and “Get all 3 splits”.
  • Some of my completed items include: “Going skydiving”, “Going to a RUSH concert”, “Swimming with Dolphins”, “Doing a 2 week Atkin’s Induction phase”, “Starting a standing ovation”, “Getting a 4.0 and be Valedictorian” and “Being a leader”.
  • I like to be happyyyyy!!!
  • I will do almost anything once (just for the experience) AND
  • I love learning new things