Meet the Crew



I've kept a journal for a quarter of a century and have been obessessed with taking photos and videos for decades. The desire to capture and disseminate the lived experience has been a passion for me since I was a kid. Now that I'm a grown up, I get to take that passion and bring it to life for others.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?

This desire to create and the passion for capturing stories is what led to the birth of Inspired Video Marketing. Every day I get to work with inspiring people and play a small part in bringing inspiration to their people.

meet the crew
meet the crew



For some, work is just a means to an end. But for me, it's a passion project every single day. I thrive in the world of creativity, and there's nothing more satisfying than bringing ideas to life.

I believe in the power of visual communication. A well-designed graphic can tell a story, a stunning website can capture attention, and a compelling video can ignite emotions. That's why I'm thrilled to be part of Inspired Video Marketing team because they empower me to unleash my creativity and use it to make a real difference. Let's make something truly inspiring together!

The Pawsome Crew!

After getting to know the IVM crew, say hello to our adorable animal support staff whose job it is to bring us joy every day!


meet the crew


Breed: Golden Retriever/Husky  Age: 4   Weight: 71 lbs

Favorite Food: Whipped Cream

Favorite Toy: I want whatever Loki has. Living critters are also fav.

Least Favorite Part of the Day: When Katie makes me stop digging or give up the dead animal I found.

meet the crew


Breed: Golden Retriever  Age: 8  Weight: 70 lbs

Favorite Food: Is food? is my favorite

Favorite Toy: Can it fit in my mouth? Good. It can’t? Also okay.

Least Favorite Part of the Day: When you stop petting me.

meet the crew


Breed: Akita/Husky  Age: Unknown   Weight: 69 lbs

Favorite Food: Fish. Venison. Sausage. If you don’t share with me I will report that you’re mistreating me.

Favorite Toy:  I don't do toys. Except orange rubber balls. Don’t freaking touch my orange rubber ball or I will eat you.

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Baths… *tortured shudder*

meet the crew


Breed: Filipino Dog  Age: 6   Weight: 50 lbs

Favorite Food: Me want meat! No veggies please...

Favorite Toy: Charcoal...Paper, leaves, or anything that moves.

Least Favorite Part of the Day: I'm sad when no one wants to take me out 🙁 


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