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Yes, I did see Stonehenge

This is a random note, but I was evaluating my website and trying to look at it as a potential customer would.

I got to thinking, “How would a customer interpret my header photo?” (that of Stonehenge). It is quite strange…

I took that photo (well, photos and had to merge it into a panorama). And no, I wasn’t a super lucky one who got a personal tour, I photoshopped everyone out.

I’ve always been a wanderlust. My aunt took me to Paris when I was 15, I originally was going to go to school in Switzerland, Instead I  went and saw HER (the aunt who took me to Paris) when SHE was in Switzerland, I’ve backpacked for 2 months across England, Scotland, Ireland etc…

IMG_7328 copy
On Mt. Evans in Colorado

I’ve been to about 20 of the United States with plans for 2 more before the year is done! And my goal in life is to, every year, go somewhere new. It’s amazing what is out there.

There’s so much to see and experience; you never know where you’ll end up or the stories you’ll gain when you roll with it.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been born in this era where I’ve been able to capture it all with  my camera. In fact, my camera has been my constant companion whenever I’ve went anywhere. It’s my one friend who has experienced as much in this life as I have.

And it’s my camera that I’ve decided to take on my next journey in life, that of a (budding) professional. And I’m excited to be on this new adventure!


What’s the point of all this? Well really, this has all been a roundabout way of saying “Ha ha! I saw Stonehenge!”



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