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I’m not cosplaying at Dragon*Con 2019 and here’s why

Last year I went to Dragon*Con 2018 for the first time after being completely jealous on September 3, 2017 when my friends who had went told me all the fun things they had done.

When I went last year, I brought costumes with me and during the four days I was there became

Regular Sailor Jupiter

Kevin J. Anderson wanted his picture with ME! 😀

Punk Sailor Jupiter

Lady Loki

How brilliant is Billy Bookcase’s business card? It still sits on the dash of my car. http://www.semigravity.com
He took this image! Photo Credit : Billy Bookcase http://www.semigravity.com

and Dustin of Stranger Things

Yes, that is Gaten Matarazzo, the actor who plays Dustin

Why then, am I not cosplaying this year?

Feel free to watch the vlog I created on just that. 🙂

Cliff notes version?

I want to focus my efforts on creating an epic travel vlog.


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