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    Video Marketing Inspiration: Create a space you love

    “I don’t want to do a video, my space is a mess” I get this a lot. And I get it! I look back on old videos where I “Just did it” because I was being pressured  (Hi Sandi. 😉 ) and while it was good to get the video out there, I cringe at my background. How messy and unprofessional! There have been times where I too, have declined to do a video because my background was just SO not compelling. Ugh! So how do we rectify our feelings about our surroundings and our feelings about our videos? I know someone (*cough* Sandi, I’m looking at you again!) would …

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    How-to add captions to Facebook videos THE EASY WAY (video)

      In 2016, Digiday reported that 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. Insert captions!   You’ve watched plenty of videos with captions. Some of them you can choose to put on, some of them are a part of the video file itself, and some of them automatically appear like when you are scrolling your news feed on Facebook. This video will show you how to put the ones onto your facebook videos in the EASIEST MANNER. (Because as mentioned, there ARE other ways but they are more difficult and take longer). Hope this helps!

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    What does the “Inspired” stand for in “Inspired Video Marketing”?

    “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr The day I woke up and was to meet with my resident agent to sign my business LLC, I had no idea what my business would be called. For the past 2 or 3 years, I had been working part-time doing videos and video marketing, not really with a name, but calling it “Katie Curtis Video Marketing” for lack of anything else and because there was pressure on me to call what I did something. Aaaaand I kind of hated that name. Scratch that, I hardcore hated the name. It still makes me go “ick” to…

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    How to add an Automatic and Consistent Description to your Youtube Videos (video)

    For so long, I’ve manually typed in my description for each video, and while, as you can see now, I’m typing in something unique, I would have to re-think and re-research and re-type certain things for the video. Like my website and email etc etc. It was time consuming and not efficient. What IS efficient, is to have an automatic and consistent description that gets all the important information to you, but also makes me look that much more professional and put together. 😉 Now you can appear that way too.   Stay inspired, muh peeps!   Katie

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    Living Legendary – the Pirate Pool Premiere recap

    Two weeks ago brought a whirlwind of a day fraught with nerves and technological issues but also love and support. Two weeks ago we had a Red Carpet Movie Premiere at the Historic Howell Theatre showcasing “Living Legendary: The Making of the Pirate Pool”. Which happens to be a full-length feature that I created. (Wow, that sounds weird when I type it like that). Let’s just start with this: I am surrounded by freaking amazing people, doing kick-butt awesome things and sometimes their awesomeness leeches into me. Last summer I was able to help create and chronicle the making of a “legend” – in this case the Pirate Pool. My…

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    Aha! How I Converted Micro Cassettes to Digital with Equipment I Already Had

    I’ve been on a crusade to turn my mementos digital, thus solving the problem of having way too much clutter due to nostalgic items. Along the way, I found 5 micro cassette tapes from 2005 – mostly recording my little sister Molly (she’s 13 now – see below) as a baby. I knew I had them, but kind of ignored them as there didn’t seem to be an easy solution to digitizing them. Until today! Scanning in some old documents (old notes from my original video tape recordings -yes, I’ve always been thorough it seems) I found the tapes and decided today was the day! I searched on the internet,…

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    10 Resources to keep you “Inspired” in life and business

    After a chat with a fun and quicky realtor James Bruney (if this doesn’t feel quirky – just you wait. ;-P He’s got some big ideas in store! ) We discussed many of the resources that inspire us – and I realized a lot of these people have become integral to my daily life – to staying motivated and to keep the “inspired” in “Inspired Video Marketing”. If you feel your life and your business struggling due to the affliction of unmotivation or stagnation, the best medicine is to pursue the knowledge that all of these greats have! Without droning on too much, let’s get to it. “Crushing It” by…

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    Do this one simple thing to increase engagement in your marketing

    This is going to be SO obvious, so intuitive and so straightforward that some of you might want to just click away right now because you’re going to roll your eyes at me. (Okay, clarification, it’s not just “do a video”, so don’t get your panties in a twist, although that IS a solid suggestion…) One of the best ways to increase engagement in your marketing is to… feature other people. One of my BEST performing videos on Facebook was this one: Everyone who made their way into the video shared and tagged themselves. Any time you can interview someone (and let them know where the content is posted so…

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    When you lose your lenses in Amsterdam, you buy new stuff and unbox it online (video)

    I mentioned in my last blog that I lost my lenses on my and my husband’s honeymoon/1 year trip to Amsterdam, and that I ordered new stuff and would do an unboxing. Ta da! Done. In this video, we look at a Canon 80D body, Canon 50mm 1.4 lens, Sigma 10-20mm 3.5 lens and a Canon 24mm 2.8 lens. Awesome photographer mentioned: Lauren Lang 80D 50mm Sigma 10-20 3.5 Canon 24mm 2.8   For the record, no one paid me to talk about this stuff – BUT! I’m open to that sort of arrangement. 😉