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10 Suggestions for what to talk about when starting Video Marketing

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So. You’ve decided to start video marketing. You’ve set up your camera and you’re ready to go. AAAAAaaand Action! But wait! … what should you talk about?

The simplest video is a “webcam” video, the form that most vloggers (people who create “video blogs” on YouTube) typically use. The camera (usually the webcam) is pointed at the blogger and they talk.

For you, you can use your webcam or set up your camera or phone on a tripod.

Answer each of these questions. You can get another person with you to ask them, and maybe ask more pointed questions if you are talking and they find a spot unexplored, or you can pause in the middle of the video to read the next question, and just cut that part out later.

If you can speak for a minute on each, you can break this video down into 10 videos. Voila! (If you just get rolling and keep talking, you might be able to make more videos than that. Tip: If you are doing it by yourself, make sure you have enough memory and battery so your camera doesn’t shut off on you half-way.)

You are off to a great start!

1. What do you do? What are you in the business of? What does your company do, what problems do you solve?

2. How did you get involved in the business you’re in. Really, tell us the STORY of your start.

3. WHY do you do what you do? You could make money doing ANYTHING. Why this thing in particular? (for inspiration, check out this video)

4. Who are the people/clients you want to work with? What do they do/like? How do they act? (If you spell it out, and your perfect client is watching, they may be able to select themselves, “Hey! I’m like that.”)

5. What makes you different from all the other business who do what you do?

6. Describe your company. What are your values? Who are you as a culture?

7. What are your goals as a company? Where are you headed?

8. What are you working on right now?

9. What’s a tip you can share with us related to your industry? (You can answer this question over and over. You have so much knowledge in your field that many people would find really useful, and probably search for on Google or YouTube)

10. What’s a FAQ that you receive often? What’s the answer? (This one can also be answered a bunch as well. Plus, if you do a lot of these videos, and maybe transcribe them onto your website, you can direct questions there to cut down on the same questions being asked on the phone or in email.)


I’m sure you get the idea now and there are tons of other questions I’ll bet you’ll discover particular to you, your company and your industry once you sit down and think. As mentioned before, if you can, have another person there while you film to direct the questions if there is a juicy subject so you can capitalize on your Certain Way.

Good luck!

We’ll talk about editing in the next blog, but if you’re eager to get off to a start right now, check out these sources: How to edit a basic video on Youtube, iMovie tips and tricks, How to make a basic project in iMovie, Best editing apps for you phone, Edit a video on Windows Movie Maker.

If you feel inclined, share your video in the comments below!



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