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    TOP TEN Ideas for a video withOUT using your Face (video)

    If you just didn’t feel up to appearing in your own video, here are 10 ways to make a video without using your face! Resource section (aka giving credit where due!) Thumbnail photo by Adrian Pelletier on Unsplash My instagram Glenn Matecun- Estate Planning Lawyer Whiteboard software Kevin J. Anderson (he’s available for speaking engagements too!) Camtasia Live video from Dragoncon Pool shots- Legendary Escapes Pool in question (TV SHOW AND MOVIE I MADE) Tutorial mentioned Chelsea Claire (Phazon Pixie Cosplay) Stock video resources: https://www.videoblocks.com https://www.pond5.com https://videohive.net/

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    4 Ways to Post Videos to Instagram and How To Do Them (video)

    I got asked a question about posting videos to Instagram. It was about that vague- I mean, there are FOUR main ways to post videos to Instagram, which way did they mean?   In true Katie-style, when the choice is “big” or “home” we choose big. SO. Here are the four ways to post videos to Instagram and how to do each way.   Plus a little bit of narration, chatting, philosophy, etc etc along the way.   Claire’s Instagram Claire’s Facebook   iPhone screen recording tutorial mentioned   #tutorialtuesday #yesiknowitswednesday #thisisbecomingahabit Stay inspired, my friends! Katie

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    Three ways to turn a vertical or horizontal video square in Final Cut Pro X (video)

    Tutorial starts at 1:37 if you don’t want to hear some information about square videos and such. Do you own Final Cut and have you been wondering how to make a square video like you see all over Facebook? This tutorial will give you three ways to do it! Article I referenced: https://blog.bufferapp.com/square-vid…   Stay inspired!   Katie

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    Video Marketing Inspiration: Create a space you love

    “I don’t want to do a video, my space is a mess” I get this a lot. And I get it! I look back on old videos where I “Just did it” because I was being pressured  (Hi Sandi. 😉 ) and while it was good to get the video out there, I cringe at my background. How messy and unprofessional! There have been times where I too, have declined to do a video because my background was just SO not compelling. Ugh! So how do we rectify our feelings about our surroundings and our feelings about our videos? I know someone (*cough* Sandi, I’m looking at you again!) would …

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    Katie’s Down and Dirty Guide to Clean Video on a Smart Phone

    Many of us know that doing video is an important aspect to our social media strategy, but it just seems so hard and daunting! We may be able to present in front of a big group, but the thought of speaking alone to a camera is… well, scary. We think so because it’s an unknown; we don’t know how to take good video, we worry about needing to edit it etc etc… Not to fear! It’s easier than you think! Check the lighting. By a window will most likely give you your best and easiest light. Check the sound. Do you hear anything in the background? Is there a lot…

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    What is Vlogging?

    So you don’t have to watch me ramble for 2 1/2 minutes, vlogging is just a video blog. Instead of reading the content, you are watching it. Most vlogs take place using a computer webcam or in a situation that LOOKS like a computer’s webcam, but sometimes the person is on site, narrating something. You’ll find a lot of vlog style videos on Youtube.   For a small business to get into vlogging, I recommend you find some nice lighting (like by a window) and share a bit about who you are, what you do and why you do it! Then, if you have any frequently asked questions, you can…

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    8 Great Resources for your Video Marketing Endeavors

    I love lists. I also love well thought out resources that make life so much easier because when you have a question or need something done, you know they are there. To combine these loves, I have put together a list for you all of my top favorite resources I use in regards to my video marketing. 1. Video Blocks If you are doing your own videos (you yourself, or someone in the office dedicated to it), this website is a great steal for some stock footage, aka, something you don’t want to have to go out and shoot yourself. Note, because of the great deal, they do a lot of…

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    PLEASE DEAR GOD choose “Custom Thumbnail”

    A few (several?) weeks ago I posted a blog called “5 Things to consider while uploading your video”. And I cannot believe myself that I forgot to talk about Custom Thumbnails. D’OH! I think it’s okay, because “custom thumbnails” really should have its own blog anyway. So there. A thumbnail is the image you see a video as when you are scrolling on your screen. If you’ve spent ANY time on the internet interacting with videos, you might have noticed that sometimes, this cover image  NEVER even appears in the video. Back in the day, this confused me. I’d be waiting for the introduction picture to flash because back in…

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    Getting “Gutsy” with Mayniax Branding. What I learned and what you should takeaway.

    Two days ago I sat down with Dave Murray, the spirited and passionate co-founder of Mayniax Branding. This meeting had been preordained for awhile. Everywhere I went I was bombarded with “Oh! Have you met Dave yet?” “You should meet Dave!” “I know this guy Dave…” Some things in life are just synchronistic, and after forever and an email,  I finally looked him up. And. Crazy crazy, but it turns out I DID know who he was because, da-tada-da, I had watched one of his videos. I didn’t connect the words “Dave Murray” when people would say it, with the energetic red accessory sporting person that I had seen online.…