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Video Marketing Inspiration: Create a space you love

My desk sort of looks like that. O.o

“I don’t want to do a video, my space is a mess”

I get this a lot. And I get it! I look back on old videos where I “Just did it” because I was being pressured  (Hi Sandi. 😉 ) and while it was good to get the video out there, I cringe at my background. How messy and unprofessional!

Inspired Video Marketings Early Days - I suppose we all have them
The early days. *shudder*

There have been times where I too, have declined to do a video because my background was just SO not compelling.


So how do we rectify our feelings about our surroundings and our feelings about our videos? I know someone (*cough* Sandi, I’m looking at you again!) would  say “Just let go of those feelings and do that damn video”.

To START video, sure. But if doing video is something you’d like to continue, eventually you are going to want to upgrade and feel really good about what you are doing. When we don’t feel good about what we are doing, we will stop.

So, what’s the answer?


Create a space that inspires you!

Pick one wall and make THAT your video wall.

Have you noticed Gary Vee does a lot of his videos with this wall as his background?

This is Gary V

So much chaos...

Love Tony Robbins

Clearly, this inspires him, gives you a bit of insight into him and is EASY. (Besides the redecorating he seems to do, it’s always THERE)

How can you go about creating a space?

Reality is not always reality when it comes to video, or the arts in general. Check out my new video spaces.

So prettyIt doesn't look like that anymore

So inspiring!

Pretty slick, huh? Now check out the photos below.

Check. It. Out!

See that big pile of clutter? See how I made it GIANT, but it was OUT of the shot? If you can find one corner that you can fill with only the things that you LOVE and that represent you, then throw EVERYTHING ELSE SOMEWHERE ELSE, you can do videos here and feel good about what you’re making.

Another option, is to do your videos against a blank wall – an all white or all black background. I’ve seen people with DESTROYED rooms, that have a green screen set up and you can’t tell the difference.

Look! It's me!

Looks decent, eh?

Don't hate on my Bradley James poster!

It’s literally a black sheet we had, some hooks and PVC pipe I picked up from Home Depot, good lighting (see below) and the wall that houses my closet.

Bonus points if the wall you’ve picked has decent lighting (or you have a way to get this) and is quiet (like NOT right next to an air conditioner that blows every dang second). In my room, I’ll use the wall opposite the window so I can utilize the window PLUS my light kits for light. I can close my door so you can’t hear the dog squeaking her toys.

Keep it simple, unless complex describes you better. Eliminate the distracting colors, unless the items fill a purpose. Know that there is no one right answer, and if after a couple videos you feel like changing it up, that’s okay too. The point is to just create a space that speaks to you and unblocks the resistance you feel if/when you think “Ugh, I need to create a video”.

One last thing, feel free to take it further. Create an ENTIRE space that you would feel comfortable videoing in front of (that’s what I’m working on in my room!) Eliminate EVERYTHING that is clutter, messy or unnecessary. For help, read the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. You will be surprised at how much freer and uncluttered your mind will feel after creating a less cluttered work and play space. (I do plan on sharing this journey with you at some point – just so you know in case you were interested. 😉 )

Is this something you can do right now? Are you where you spend a lot of your time? Look around. Is there any spot that seems to get good light, decent sound and, with a couple removals or additions, could make that knot in your chest over video loosen? You’ve found your spot, now go fix it up and let me see what you come up with. 🙂

Stay inspired, my friends!


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