Scheduling decisions

No particular reason for this photo except I think the blog needed one and DOLPHINS
Dolphin on the left is Tutorial Tuesday Dolphin, and on the right is Blog Day Thursday Dolphin. Look at how well they’re getting along and integrating into my Online Marketing strategy. Awwww…

Hey everyone! In an effort to be a big girl, I’ve decided to commit myself to some blog and video days! From now on, Tuesday is “Tutorial Tuesday” and Thursday is… well, just Blog Day Thursday. On Tuesdays I will post a tutorial about some aspect of Marketing/Videos/Technology/Social Media and on Thursdays I’ll submit a written blog to be read on whatever topic, most likely to be of the same genre as above. If you have suggestions for videos or blogs, especially something that you’re not sure of or struggling with, email me katiecurtisvideomarketing@gmail.com, or message me on Facebook or in any comment section and I can make a video/written tutorial to help you! I’ll be doing vlogs in the middle of all this, but I’m allowing that to be a bit more freeform, depending on what inspires me.

Hope you’re all set up for a great week-end!

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