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Do this one simple thing to increase engagement in your marketing

This is going to be SO obvious, so intuitive and so straightforward that some of you might want to just click away right now because you’re going to roll your eyes at me. (Okay, clarification, it’s not just “do a video”, so don’t get your panties in a twist, although that IS a solid suggestion…)

Check out them babies

One of the best ways to increase engagement in your marketing is to…

feature other people.

One of my BEST performing videos on Facebook was this one:

Penguicon is... interestingEveryone who made their way into the video shared and tagged themselves.

Most engagement I've ever gotten!

Any time you can interview someone (and let them know where the content is posted so THEY can share it with their audiences) you are creating so much value. You’re letting your audience in on a great person/service but you’re also letting the audience of the person you’re talking to know about you!

And can you imagine if you and the person you’re highlighting share a similar audience with similar demographics… needs… desires…

The reason I felt prompted to write this blog, was within a half year of each other, I received two emails:

I won an "award". That makes me cool, right?


*dusts collar* Yup. I'm pretty cool.

Now what a fancy thing! So how many of their “top 50 video marketing blogs” shared the fact that they were in the top 50??

(I don’t know the answer, I was asking you)

And just WHO would the post lead back to? The creators of the top 50 who were smart enough to get either an audience they want involved, orget the people whose audience they want involved.

In this case, even if all of the blogs don’t highlight their “win”, if some of them do, that’s pretty good exposure and some link backs!


I think, especially if we’re solopreneurs, we forget that there’s a big wide world of people and we think we have to DO everything, BE in everything and build our brands by ourselves. (I can say this because even still, I do this).

Truth time! We don’t. And when we connect with people, in whatever capacity, we ultimately make this world a better place. ESPECIALLY when by connecting with them, we are helping them AND ourselves! Besides the content that comes out of it, isn’t it just FUN to chat and hang with another, similar thinking/feeling being?

So go interview someone in your industry, better yet, interview a BUNCH! Go compile a list of the best companies in your area, do a vlog highlighting how AWESOME someone is, or go to a trade show and feature lots of the coolest booths.

In the meantime, wanna look at my award?

To knowing what’s in focus,


Thanks Feedspot and NG Data! 


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