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    How-to do Slow-Mo on your iPhone (video)

    I cut this part out of the video, but the MOST important part about doing slow-motion on your iPhone is REMEMBERING that you have the capability to do slow-motion! Don’t miss out on those cool moments because you forgot you could do this cool thing. Short clips from : The Matrix Guardians of Ga’Hoole The Hangover Various by Inspired Video Marketing   Stay Inspired!   Katie

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    Questions on Intellectual Rights and Answers from the Universe

    I’ve had a quandry rattling around in my head. Usually when we have some thought playing on repeat, it’s not something beneficial. It’s just some open loop that we run over and over looking for closure, mostly without realizing it, and usually not finding what we’re looking for until we finally bring it into focus. This time was no different. I work in a field of intellectual rights. It’s easy to NOT steal something physical, but the whole world gets murky when the goods are virtual. What constitutes copyright infringement when the products are words, photos, videos, and ideas? Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with any “theft” or potential…

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    TOP TEN Ideas for a video withOUT using your Face (video)

    If you just didn’t feel up to appearing in your own video, here are 10 ways to make a video without using your face! Resource section (aka giving credit where due!) Thumbnail photo by Adrian Pelletier on Unsplash My instagram Glenn Matecun- Estate Planning Lawyer Whiteboard software Kevin J. Anderson (he’s available for speaking engagements too!) Camtasia Live video from Dragoncon Pool shots- Legendary Escapes Pool in question (TV SHOW AND MOVIE I MADE) Tutorial mentioned Chelsea Claire (Phazon Pixie Cosplay) Stock video resources: https://www.videoblocks.com https://www.pond5.com https://videohive.net/

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    Katie’s Top Ten Resources for Finding Music for Videos

    So you make a cool video and you pop in your favorite song and try to upload it to Youtube… only for it to be BLOCKED. Because Youtube has determined that the content you used does not belong to you. Aaaaand because you used your favorite song that you don’t own nor have any ties to, you cannot dispute this claim and thus your video remains unseen. *sad face*. OR! You make a pretty cool video, but it’s also a little boring because there is NO music in it. Sound familiar? If you had wanted to keep your favorite song in your video and do so legally, you would have…

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    Sometimes you win while sleeping (usually after sacrificing lots of sleep)

    I awoke to a flight attendant tapping my shoulder and urging me to pull down my tray table. Odd, don’t they usually wake you up so you can do the opposite? Groggily, I pulled down the tray in a dreamy, Charlie pre-golden ticket state to reveal a (not gold but) yellow sticker proclaiming, “Congrats! You found the lucky seat, you lucky so-and-so! You’re like a leprechaun born with a rabbit’s foot finding a heads-up penny underneath a horseshoe in a field of 4-leaf clovers. #spiritluckyseat” Still in a fog, I only nodded as I was handed a voucher for 5,000 free miles on Spirit and my seat number was announced…

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    4 Ways to Post Videos to Instagram and How To Do Them (video)

    I got asked a question about posting videos to Instagram. It was about that vague- I mean, there are FOUR main ways to post videos to Instagram, which way did they mean?   In true Katie-style, when the choice is “big” or “home” we choose big. SO. Here are the four ways to post videos to Instagram and how to do each way.   Plus a little bit of narration, chatting, philosophy, etc etc along the way.   Claire’s Instagram Claire’s Facebook   iPhone screen recording tutorial mentioned   #tutorialtuesday #yesiknowitswednesday #thisisbecomingahabit Stay inspired, my friends! Katie

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    Why and When would we use a Two Camera Shoot?

    I just got asked this question “I’ve noticed a lot of people using two cameras including a shot of themselves on the side when they’re actually facing the other camera, why?” Great question! And it’s one I’ve taken for granted. My answer was, “I do it because it looks cool!” But that’s not entirely accurate. Why does it look cool? Because it accomplishes something. Things make us feel certain ways BECAUSE there are deeper meanings, usually subconscious ones as  to why we like them and why they resonate.  “That movie made me emotional!” – it sure did, but why? Because of the music, the timing, the way the shots were…

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    Three ways to turn a vertical or horizontal video square in Final Cut Pro X (video)

    Tutorial starts at 1:37 if you don’t want to hear some information about square videos and such. Do you own Final Cut and have you been wondering how to make a square video like you see all over Facebook? This tutorial will give you three ways to do it! Article I referenced: https://blog.bufferapp.com/square-vid…   Stay inspired!   Katie