I’m married! *gasp*

Last Saturday, in a flurry of activity and snow, I was wedded to my boyfriend of 5 years.

I’m married! Eeeek!

It was a wonderful adventure where my husband broke his glasses 30 minutes before showtime and had to tape them up in true nerd fashion (look below to and you can see it), our officiant asked me if I would take Daniel to be my wife, and we all braved frostbite in order to capture some Winter Wonderland photos. (For the record, I was going for “Elven Princess”.)

My mom and my family did amazing work turning a simple Pavillion cabin into a very official and beautiful hall, and I do think I managed to dance with every single person there. Granted it was only, like, 30 people but whatever.

Thanks Mom and Co!

Oh! And we went to the local Frozen Yogurt place and got some yogurt all gusied up. 

On that note, I want to give a big shout out to the magificent and wonderful Sabrina of Sabrina Leigh Studios who took our glorious pictures.

You can’t tell in these pics, but I’m totally wearing purple Converse as my wedding shoes. 😉

We’re too cute. <3


I meant to go Live on Facebook and chat with Sabrina, but I did not anticipate how much would be going on! You’d think I would, but there it is. Anywhere, if you’re getting married or having a fun event, hire Sabrina. She was super fun to work with, she’s willing to travel and she does spectacular work. Throwing that out there.

So we had the photography, now I’ll bet you’re wondering if the videographer got video! I already admitted to forgetting to go live, but yup. I took videos at my own wedding. I did not hire a videographer, not for this one but Daniel and I are having a big wedding celebration bash this summer (costumes required!) and there will be a videographer there.

Perhaps I’ll get around to putting something together with my video, perhaps not (they say the cobbler’s kids go barefoot!), but I wanted to update you all on my new status and let you in on the pictures because I am so so pleased with them!

And that concludes today’s Blogday Thursday!

Stay tuned and Happy Editing!




The brief history of Katie and her Camera

I bought my first camera in the fall of 2005. I was almost 13. It was a Kodak Easyshare with a lens that didn’t even extend past the body of the camera.

Kodak Easy Share

I paid $100 for it, (and as a 12/13 year old, that’s quite a sum!)  I took 1000s of pictures with it and I was enamored.

I was taking selfies before it was cool. Rawr. Gotta love the braces.

But first, lemme take a selfie!

This camera even had video capabilities! Of course, the video quality was low and there was no audio, but what an amazing thing for a 13 year old to have (at the time, now my 11 year old sister has an iPhone).

Speaking of my 11 year old sister, my first video, first video ever taken with my own camera and my own hands, is this one.

I was super talented, yes?

I went on to take some more MAGICALLY AMAZING videos, clearly.

My family would make fun of me for bringing my camera everywhere, saying I wasn’t living life, I was just seeing it through a lens. I was a bit obsessed. Yes. I will admit that my camera batteries died once, I didn’t have anymore, and I cried. Then I didn’t want to continue what we were doing because I couldn’t use my camera.

It was a slow process, but as I was capturing my life in pictures and videos, I learned and I bought new equipment, I discovered story telling and editing. I would hijack my cousins and have them film skits and plays with me. I have terabytes of data in photos and videos and stories and memories.

Slowly, I’ve grown out of my obsession, and now it’s just something I love. Cliché to say, I’m still learning everyday but feel extremely blessed to be able to live OFF of something that I live FOR.

Starting a video production business has been a natural progression, because my camera has been my constant companion (even if it’s now everyone’s constant companion 😉 ). I love sharing what other people have to say and using my skills to further the reach of some really really awesome people.


See you on the other side of the lens!



Sometimes we have to fall, to fly

Skydiving for Realz

Last Saturday, I checked it off the bucket list.

The Thursday before, I was writing in my journal, musing about my upcoming decision. While skydiving is fairly safe, 1 in 100,000 don’t make it, and those are WAAAAY higher odds than winning the lottery.



“I want to be at peace with my choice. Yes, if I forgo it, I’m safer. But at what cost? Letting the fear win is NOT the answer.

This experience, skydiving, is symbolic. Will I fly, or fall? Will I let my fear consume me and back down?

I’ve been living in fear. Not all the time, not dramatically. But it’s there. The fear of failure, the fear of shame, of guilt, the fear of not being good enough.

It’s no way to live.

To live, truly live, is to be afraid, and push on. It’s barreling through the fears that serve no purpose and becoming experienced in rejection and failure, sheltered by your own strength to be able to continue on.

I’m scared. Of course I am. We don’t know what it’s like. Dying. Or what is after, yet we all must do it. If there was a time for dying, could it be any more fitting for me to go while skydiving? While we may agree that going quietly in bed is best, going out while living, really living, is… beautiful.” – Thursday June 23 2016


I didn’t know what would happen. Of course, the realistic part of me was telling me I’d be fine. There wouldn’t be a whole industry around it if everyone died while doing it. But still, that small part of me couldn’t help but add “if we survive” to anyone’s plans for us past our Saturday fall. It was a fear of the unknown. A fear of doing something insane, scary, crazy… and failing. Or in this case, falling.

I found that as I thought about it, and worked my head around it, this jump was significant, and symbolized more than just falling out of a plane at 14,000 feet. It was how I’d live my life. Will I not go big at opportunities because I was too afraid of failing? Would I miss out on my chance to fly? Even with really great odds, are we willing to go for it?



“Sam brought me to the opening.

It wasn’t what I’d thought it would be. I didn’t get lifetimes to consider my actions. I didn’t get to examine the wing, the sky, or how dangerously far from the earth we were. Standing on the step outside, feeling the icy cool breeze despite being in the heat of summer, I vaguely realized that Sam was rocking, and the 3rd rock was our cue to fall.

Holy s$$t.

And we fell.” – Monday June 27 2016


And we fell. Are you taking the metaphorical “fall” in your life? Are you trusting in your abilities, trusting in your odds, trusting in your acceptance of failing and re-doing enough to go for it, and survive? They say that “If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.” But most other activities in life, even those we consider risky, do not have such an expiration rate for failing. MOST things we do or actions we could take DON’T end in death, and yet we are scared of them all the same.

Why? Why do we let these fears control us? Why not put our minds to the wind, breathe the brisk air and and devilishly face failure straight up while trusting that we’ll be okay?

Sometimes we have to fall, to fly.




Yes, I did see Stonehenge

This is a random note, but I was evaluating my website and trying to look at it as a potential customer would.

I got to thinking, “How would a customer interpret my header photo?” (that of Stonehenge). It is quite strange…

I took that photo (well, photos and had to merge it into a panorama). And no, I wasn’t a super lucky one who got a personal tour, I photoshopped everyone out.

I’ve always been a wanderlust. My aunt took me to Paris when I was 15, I originally was going to go to school in Switzerland, Instead I  went and saw HER (the aunt who took me to Paris) when SHE was in Switzerland, I’ve backpacked for 2 months across England, Scotland, Ireland etc…

IMG_7328 copy
On Mt. Evans in Colorado

I’ve been to about 20 of the United States with plans for 2 more before the year is done! And my goal in life is to, every year, go somewhere new. It’s amazing what is out there.

There’s so much to see and experience; you never know where you’ll end up or the stories you’ll gain when you roll with it.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been born in this era where I’ve been able to capture it all with  my camera. In fact, my camera has been my constant companion whenever I’ve went anywhere. It’s my one friend who has experienced as much in this life as I have.

And it’s my camera that I’ve decided to take on my next journey in life, that of a (budding) professional. And I’m excited to be on this new adventure!


What’s the point of all this? Well really, this has all been a roundabout way of saying “Ha ha! I saw Stonehenge!”





Yup that's me!

Welcome to the new site! This is my first encounter with a personal website so if you have any suggestions to improve the look or the experience, I’d be happy to hear them!

For starters, my name is Katie Curtis and I am a videographer, editor and creator of videos for video marketing (online and on social media). For finishers… nope. That’s it. That’s my elevator speech. 🙂

If you’re interested in growing your business and know that videos are the way to do it, shoot me an email and we can organize a consultation. 😀 Can’t wait to work with you!

<3 Toujours,


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