• Ezra

    Katie, my name is Ezra. I watched your video. I don’t much about facebook. It is very confusing. I had some questions and want to see if you had a resource that doesn’t tell you how to create a page but to fix a business page? Or…. Really lost, every time I want to post from my personal page to my business page. It doesn’t go to my feed it goes in as a message to my business page? I don’t know how to fix. All the videos I watch use terms I don’t understand. Have a great day.And my ads manager doesn’t look like everyone else’s? It confusing.

  • Colleen

    OMG I COULD CRY I AM SO GRATEFUL! I have been bewildered as to what happened that my primary page was no longer available in the panel nor easily share to! FB was no help and I have been struggling for months but none of my searches came up with what I needed to see until tonight. Lesson learned, drink a bottle of red wine so search terms are varied lol

    Also double bonus you are a DragonCon nerd too!

  • Mark Haddock

    Thank you so much for the Business Page fix! I had been looking everywhere for a way to fix this and nobody could tell me! Not even Facebook support. Again, thank you!


  • Katherine Brooks

    I followed these steps but my Pages and Notifications bar was already set to “On” so i don’t know what else could be causing the issue :/

  • Hilary Paton

    Hi, i have this issue but as I have 2 pages, only one shows up, and that’s the page I don’t want to post to!

    What I mean is when I try to share a link (either from a browser or from another Facebook page, my own or any other) to my local park volunteers page., the “share to a page” pull down doesn’t have that page on it. It’s so frustrating.

    Also sometimes on my page the “post” box or button is missing completely or greyed out.

    I Followed your video made the changes on my laptop browser. But when I went back to use my phone it still doesn’t show up as a page I can post to.

    Not sure this makes sense but your post was the only one found which was even close to my issue. I’m beginning to wonder if it is a glitcch in the way I set the page up. I have started and used quote a few business pages bit this one is just for my local park .

    Please if you read this help! Many thanks. From Hilary.

  • Frondere Plants

    Didn’t work for me sadly as mine is already turned on – meta have totally f***d up managing the pages. Its ridiculously complicated for absolutely no reason – what a bunch of wallies. I set the bloomin page for christs sake – I have full admin control but still can’t share to my personal page. Absolute rubbish. honestly if I didn’t need to use social media i wouldn’t!!!

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