• Amanda

    What is that pages & notification section does not allow you to edit? Is there another way to do this? I’m lost.

  • Ezra

    Katie, my name is Ezra. I watched your video. I don’t much about facebook. It is very confusing. I had some questions and want to see if you had a resource that doesn’t tell you how to create a page but to fix a business page? Or…. Really lost, every time I want to post from my personal page to my business page. It doesn’t go to my feed it goes in as a message to my business page? I don’t know how to fix. All the videos I watch use terms I don’t understand. Have a great day.And my ads manager doesn’t look like everyone else’s? It confusing.

  • Hope

    hi..thanks for this, but my facebook page, on desktop device does not have a gear….hmmmm. so where would one click to get this business info option?

    What do you think?

  • Colleen

    OMG I COULD CRY I AM SO GRATEFUL! I have been bewildered as to what happened that my primary page was no longer available in the panel nor easily share to! FB was no help and I have been struggling for months but none of my searches came up with what I needed to see until tonight. Lesson learned, drink a bottle of red wine so search terms are varied lol

    Also double bonus you are a DragonCon nerd too!

  • Treat Simply.Com

    Or, if your schedule really is that busy, it may be time to get some help. As a Social Media Manager, I can help you ensure that your Facebook Page is set up properly, active, and working to further relationships with other people and businesses that will grow your business. If you need help with Facebook or one or more other social networks, contact me for a free consultation.

  • Mark Haddock

    Thank you so much for the Business Page fix! I had been looking everywhere for a way to fix this and nobody could tell me! Not even Facebook support. Again, thank you!


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